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Small penis humiliation by Melena

For princess Melena you are only a loser with a small cock! You will never fuck a sexy woman like her so she humilate you. She makes you horny and shows you her sexy tits! Then she pull down her leggings and orders you tu lick her wet pussy! She is so horny and she enjoy everytime your tongue lick her pussy! With your little cock she wouldn’t feel anything! Lick her harder, faster and deeper till she has a great orgasm! But after that it’s time to go for you little cock slave!Take a look at her sexy website! She loves to be licked by you no matter if you will lick her ass or her pussy! She humilates you and let you do some other things she like!

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Small penis tax

Today it’s Payday! You will pay for your tiny little cock because your mistress princess jenny gives you a tax to pay for your little penis! She humilates you and let you pay for each centimeter your cock is too small! So Paypig pay the tax and buy her clip again and again until you have payed the whole tax to your moneymistress!

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Jenny’s small penis humilation

Princess Jenny is with you in the men’s bathroom and she is standing in front of the urinal. Only men with big dicks piss off here. It is not allowed for you to piss here because your dick is really too small. You’ll lick the urinal clean and Jenny flush her cigarette into the urinal. Let’s start, little man with the small penis.

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