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Your Humilation

Miss Deeane is asking you if you are a little loser with a small penis, because you love to sit in front of the computer, watching her and listen to her words during your penis get harder and harder. You love to jerk off during she tells you somethink like loser, slave and small penis.

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Empty your balls

Here is another Humilation of Miss Deena. She is wearing her business clothes and she makes you horny. But this is only a small penis humilation for you. She laughs about you loser. And when you do what she wants, perhaps you can empty your balls.

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Small penis humilation by miss Deeane

This is sexy Miss Deeane humilating you little slave. She shows you for what you are good for. In her eyes you are only a little slave with a small penis, so hear what she is saying and if it’s allowed to jerk off.

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