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Small Penis Therapy

Do you need a therapy ? Mistress Harley thinks so. Your cock is so small and tiny and Mistress Harley will teach you to accept your face as a micropenis loser.

You are programmed and desined to serve as a jerk off slave!


Your small dick

Your little dick is really really mini. No women wants to have such a loser with a small penis like you! This sexy blond mistress shows you how long a really good hard dick have to be. So take a look and shame you! She will humilate you, so down on your knees and listen!

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Katja’s loser

Katja shows you how small your little penis really is. She wants you to pay more money. She laughs about your little penis and she humilate you in her own words. You have to hear every word and you have to pay of course.

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You have what you have loser

Danielle’s husband will never have sex with her anymore. He is only able to smell her ass. She humilates him because he is such a loser with a really small penis. She will never love him again and so he is only her poor little ugly slave.

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