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Diana’s new small penis tax

Here is sexy mistress Diana. She tells you, that you have to pay for jerk off and you did it again. So she startet to give you a new tax for your small penis. Your tiny tiny dick cost you another 100 Euro. So pay for your little dick slave.

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JeansOrgasm Girls

It is a pity, that you have such a small penis. So this jeansorgasm girls love to make it herself. You are such a big loser so you don’t earn to cum with such sexy jeans girls. Because you have so a small penis and you can’t make a girl happy, this girl has to touch herself when she is so horny. So take a look at this girls, they’ll do what you never gonna do. Take a llok at this new JeansOrgasm Website. Now!

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Because your penis is too small, this sexy jeans lesbians have to stroke each other. You will never make this girls happy and so it ’s only allowed to watch this sexy girls. They are very horny and so they touch each others jeans asses and their jeanspussys. They will lick the jeans pussy and you little loser with your small penis. You are not interesting enough.

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Jenny’s small penis humilation

Princess Jenny is with you in the men’s bathroom and she is standing in front of the urinal. Only men with big dicks piss off here. It is not allowed for you to piss here because your dick is really too small. You’ll lick the urinal clean and Jenny flush her cigarette into the urinal. Let’s start, little man with the small penis.

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Your Humilation

Miss Deeane is asking you if you are a little loser with a small penis, because you love to sit in front of the computer, watching her and listen to her words during your penis get harder and harder. You love to jerk off during she tells you somethink like loser, slave and small penis.

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