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You show Leana your small penis

Leana is a really sexy mistress and today you show her your little small penis! She laughs about you and she humilate you! This small penis let her laugh and laugh! What do you wanna do with this kind of penis, little loser!

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Under their control

Miss Deeane and her friend are laughing about you. Not only about you, especially about your very small penis. They humilate you with bad words. They look at your tiny dick and love to humilate you. You are a poor little slave under their control.

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Danielle talk about your little penis

Danielle loves to humilate her slaves. So she makes this clip for all of her slaves. They really have a little penis and that’s why they are virgins. No women wants to have a guy with this little thing. So take a look at your penis. Can you see it, where is it?

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